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A poorly done building construction work can happen when:

  • The Professional Standard Building Code is not met by the design.
  • The plans and specifications are not met by the contractor.
  • Tree Removal is done incorrectly and roots damage the integrity of the structure.
  • The acceptable standards of workmanship in the construction industry was failed to meet by the contractor.
  • There is an improper installation of equipment, systems, materials or equipment that are of a lesser quality than required by the original plans and specifications.

Poorly done building construction work can literally affect the structure’s performance. It is recommended that you should spot out the structure’s construction defects and fix it before you are going to use the property.


Construction Work

Study the following construction defects because your structure might have these.

  1. Windows

A not so well-executed lapping and improper installing of flashings particularly at sill ends cause leaks.

  1. Roofs

Faulty installation of roof membrane and badly installed flashing’s and are one of the reasons why roof leaks.

  1. Improper Drainage

A reversed slope for example, towards building can cause conditions that would really be expensive and difficult to repair.

  1. Concrete Slabs

Slabs that don’t have enough compressive strength and that aren’t properly cured or are conditions that are costly and difficult to repair.

  1. Decks

Improper installation or failure of water barriers is probably the most normal issue. It is difficult to detect if the damage is already advanced.

  1. Electrical

A lot of difficult to detect conditions and issues can occur here including connections that double tap. These particular mishaps can cause fires but the traces of the reasons are difficult because the fire will take years to occur.

  1. Plumbing

The number of problems varies from ineffective and improper slope of drains to leaking pipes.

  1. Insulation

Missing or improperly installed insulation results in conditions and issues such as heating or poor cooling of the interior spaces.

  1. HVAC or Heating Ventilating and Air Conditioning 

Installation and improper location of vents, ducting and dampers can result in ineffective cooling or heating and can even cause some situations that are life-threatening especially if we’re talking about flammability issues.

  1. Exterior Leaks

You can also check the exterior leaks from the insulation or roofing.

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